hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

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Equipment CategoryPrice1 Hour
17th Edition Multi-Function Testers£55.00
17th Edition Single Function Testers£30.00
3 Phase Testers 
Antenna Testers 
Atmospheric Sensor 
Capacitance Meter 
Chart Recorders 
Clamp Meters General£30.00
Crimp Tools 
Data Acquisition Unit 
Data Loggers Basic 
Deflection Indicator 
Depth Gauge 
Dial Test Indicators DTI  
Digital Multimeteres upto 4.5 Digit£30.00
Digital Multimeters Precision 
Digital Multimeters upto 5.5 Digit 
Dry Block Calibrators 
Electrical Safety Tester 
Frequency Standard 
Generator (Up to 200MHz) 
Generators (up to 1000MHz) 
Height Gauges 
High Voltage Probes 
Humidity Probe 
Infra Red Thermometer 
Insulation Testers Up To 5kv 
LCR Meters General 
LCR Meters Precision 
Light Meter Hand Held 
Live Line Testers 
Logic Analysers 
Loop Calibrator 
Mains Power Monitor 
Materials Tester- Benchtop 
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 2 Channels  
Multifunction Calibrator 
Multiplexers Differential  
Multiplexers Multi Channell 
Network Analysers 
Oscilloscope Mainframes 
Oscilloscope Probes Passive upto 500MHz 
Oscilloscopes (<= 2 channel to 100MHz) 
Oscilloscopes (<= 2 channel to 500MHz) 
Oscilloscopes (<= 4 channel to 100MHz) 
Oscilloscopes (<= 4 channel to 500MHz) 
Oscilloscopes (4 channel to 1GHz) 
Other Test Equipment 
PAT Testers£49.50
PicoAmp Source 
Potentiometers Precision 
Power Supply Dual 
Power Supply Single 
Power Supply Triple 
Pressure Calibrator-Precision 
Pressure Calibrators-Handheld 
Pressure Gauge 
Pressure Test System 
Process Calibrators 
Proving Units£20.00
RF Amplifier 
RF Cables 
Scales and Precision Balances <20kg 
Semi Conductor Manufacturing Machines 
Sound Level Meter Hand held 
Specialist Semiconductor Eqpt 
Spectrum Analysers Basic  
Spring Balances 
Stop Watches 
Tachometers and Rotation£65.00
Temperature Humidity 
Temperature Humidity Loggers 
Temperature Logger 
Temperature Probes 
Thermal Cameras 
Thermometers General£30.00
Thin Film Stress Measurement 
Torque Calibrators Low Nm 
Torque Screwdrivers£15.00
Torque Transducers 
Torque Wrenches Handheld£25.00
Ultrasonic Wattmeter 
Vernier Calipers Large 
Vernier Calipers Medium 
Vernier Calipers Small 
Wrist Strap and Anti Static Testers 

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