hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

High quality calibration service!

Calibration Service and Repair Options

Some of these engineering services we provide are chargable dependent on your contract. The normal calibration, Repair UKAS and fixed price repair are highlighted.

CARCarriage of equipment
CERTDBAdd item/certificate to the database
CWRBasic Cal with or without results
FPRFixed Price Repair
INSPVisual Inspection Only
INVInvestigation of fault
ISO_Calibration with results and optimisation.
MINRERMinor Repair Charge
REFURBRefurbish an existing item
REJReject, cancellation or failure
REPQuoted Repair of Fault
SERFull service
SUBHIRESubcontract hire of equipment
SUBREPSubcontract repair
SUBStandSubcontract Standard Calibration
SUBUKASSubcontract UKAS Calibration
SUPPLYEXSupply service exchange item
SUPPLYNEWSupply new item
UKAUKAS Calibration

TER Rapid turnaround

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Safe insured Transportation

TER provides our own nationwide collection and delivery service using a specially equipped fleet of vans. Click here! Have your equipment collected without protective packaging.