hi-tech calibrations of all test equipment

High quality calibration service!

Calibration with results and optimisation.

TER ISO Calibration 
  • ISO_17025 compatible This calibration option uses exactly the same measurement procedures and test equipment as our UKAS Calibration.
  • Optimisation This calibration includes a free of charge optimisation. Optimisation is the adjustment of the equipment to make it read better.  It may already be within the manufactures tolerances, however, we can often improve the performance of the equipment.
  • Manufacturers Specification or Better  TER  calibrates equipment to manufactures' specification or where we/the customer feels this is inadequate then we improve the tests to make them more than satisfactory.
  • Free Before and After Results This calibration option includes results, however, if the equipment is adjusted then we provide before and after results, this helps your quality management.
  • Out Of Spec Notifications If the equipment is sent in for calibration and it is found to be out of specification, then we automatically send notification to one or more of your designated contacts. This is a critical quality management requirement.
  • Electronic Everything Yes we offer electronic certificates both on our web-portal and by email.  The email certificates are automatically sent to one or more of your designated contacts.
  • Directly traceable to National Standards As should all calibration be from all suppliers.  Our certificates can contain the asset details and calibration details of the equipment we used to calibrate your instrument.
  • Safety Checked All items have visual and, where possible, electrical safety checks.  PAT testing stickers can be applied if required.
  • Additional Safety Checks TER makes additional operational and safety checks that are not included in the manufacturers calibration/service procedure.  This is very important for instruments used on safety critical systems and all electricians and equipment.
  • Free Re-Calibration after repair If your equipment requires repair then we we re-calibrate the equipment, providing before and after results free of additional charges.
  • Calibration integrity All calibrations are carried out by qualified engineers. The typical performance of our testing equipment will have 10 times the resolution and performance of your Unit Under Test. 

TER Rapid turnaround

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Safe insured Transportation

TER provides our own nationwide collection and delivery service using a specially equipped fleet of vans. Click here! Have your equipment collected without protective packaging.